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Revolutionizing Logistics with Drones

Introducing EYESEE, the Cutting-Edge Warehouse Drone Solution Transforming Inventory Management!

Unleash the Power of Knowledge

A Dazzling Transformation in Assessments and Examinations for Tomorrow's Visionaries!

Elevate your assessment and examination system with a robust and comprehensive solution that will improve and simplify the way you do on-campus or remote assessments.

Inspera Assessment

Experience the Future of High-Stakes Exams with a Cutting-Edge Cloud Platform that supports your entire exam life-cycle

Inspera Smarter Proctoring

Embark on a Futuristic Exam Experience: Harness the Power of Advanced Webcam, Screen, and Audio Monitoring for Seamless Automated or Human-Proctored Success!

Inspera Exam Portal

Empower Success with Inspera Lockdown Browser. Where Privacy Meets Security, Unleashing Unstoppable On-Site or Remote Capabilities


Sterilis Solutions Remediator is  patented technology for safe and sustainable Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) processing.

Simplified and Easy to Use

With an easy to use touch pad, simply open the system and load the waste. Each step is intuitive and will simplify the hassle of disposing medical waste.

Safe and Regulated

Uses high-pressure steam to create a sterile environment, killing all pathogens. The waste is then ground and volume reduced by up to 80%. Collected in a drawstring bag for easy disposal in the waste stream or recycling program.

Ensured Compliance

Need to fill out a waste manifest? Our integrated software makes it incredibly easy to demonstrate compliance based EPA standards. Just a simple click to download a report and you’re ready to submit!

Track your success on the fast train to safety and performance with our smart rail monitoring solutions!


SWiX is an end-to-end remote monitoring solution that predicts and prevents switch and asset failure. Sensors on switches monitor health as rolling stock passes by. Data goes to the Smart Cloud for analysis, helping Infrastructure Managers make informed decisions for predictive maintenance, cost efficiency, and improved reliability, especially for S&Cs.

The Ultimate Solution in Next-Gen Predictive Technology, Boosting Efficiency Across Mining, Engineering, and Rail!

The Smart Washer

The Smart Washer is an end-to-end remote monitoring solution designed to predict and prevent joint failures. It offers a compact, low-power, and cost-effective load monitoring solution. Using an ultra-low power wireless platform, it introduces the world’s first commercially available embedded clamp force sensor. By implementing this technology, bolt failures will be reduced, and maintenance costs and downtime will be minimized.

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Digital

We address every aspect involved in STOs (Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage), maintenance and capital improvement projects across entire asset lifecycles. From routine maintenance activities to shutdowns, turnarounds and outages, we integrate disparate systems and work processes into a single, cohesive execution environment which addresses the dynamic and complex nature of STOs and results in:

Maximize Uptime

Elevate Safety

Ignite Team Synergy

Streamline Processes

Cut Costs and Fuel Growth

Data-Driven Decisions

Your STO and Maintenance Evolution Starts Now!

Join the Ultimate KYB/KYC and AML Tool

Pioneering Success with Web3! Unstoppable, compliant, and exhilarating, we lead corporate clients to new heights. Embrace the future of excellence!

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