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The general health economics of a country is closely related to its economic growth and improves in accordance with the same. The key factors that encompass the economic growth are:

Investment and application of new technology

Division of labour allowing specialization, even creation of new businesses

New production methods and enhancements


We are trusted advisors to our customers. We assist our clients, from private as well as public sector, to improve their business prospectives in a far-fetched way. Our expedient range of innovative ideas and approaches helps you to solve your business related problems and apprehensions. We further take our unwavering research to various other industries and areas to gain insight into best practices. Our consulting solutions are reckoned in the following spheres:

Strategy development and implementation
Enterprise Transformation
Business Process Management
Organization Change Management
Information Communication and Technology Audits and Analysis
Program/Project Management


There has been a growing requirement from our customers to make certain that their energy requirements are managed under the umbrella of quality, integrity and transparency. The energy division of Egrowth was borne out of this requirement. Our focus areas include the following

Renewable Energy Solutions

Infrastructure Projects (BOO/BOT)

Mining and Export of Natural Resources

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